Shamanic Reiki: Third Degree

dragonsbloodShamanic Reiki Third Degree is taught over the course of two days and is available to individuals who have completed Shamanic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree and have sent healing back to each year in their life. In Third Degree, students practice deeper spiritual work and explore the world of Shapeshifting.  Plant Spirit Medicine, working with crystals and the utilization of other healing tools is practiced in this two-day energy intensive workshop.  Learn techniques in Psychic Surgery and Shamanic Journeying and begin to awaken to the Ancestral wisdom connected to your bloodline, going back to times when humans wore animal skins.

At this level of empowerment one’s integrity and responsibility for all actions is of utmost importance as our inner worlds truly reflect our outer world and vice versa. If you have studied under another master previously and need help with sending reiki back over time and space, please reach out to Julie for guidance in this powerful healing process.

At 3rd Degree, students:

  • Receive a 3rd Degree Shamanic Reiki Manual, written by Julie Roberts
  • Participate in Attunement Ceremony to 3rd Degree
  • Become empowered to work with the Master Symbol
  • Learn other shamanic healing & magical Symbols
  • Bless & clear space utilizing Reiki Energy & the Master Symbol
  • Invoke Reiki energy with Kotodama chants
  • Perform psychic surgery
  • Remove energetic intrusions
  • Work with Crystals
  • Rattles & other Shamanic Healing tools
  • Plant Spirit Medicine
  • Animal Totems & Shapeshifting
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Receive certificate for Shamanic Reiki 3rd Degree (Advanced Practitioner)


Additional Degrees of Training in Shamanic Reiki:

First Degree (Beginner Practitioner)

Second Degree (Practitioner)

Master Teacher Degree