IMG_0722At 2nd Degree, Shamanic Reiki students connect more deeply to rhythmic cycles of the Universe, the seasons, the moon, and the elements.  Students are activated to work with Reiki energy through the utilization of three Reiki symbols.  These symbols are powerful keys which allow the practitioner to send healing at a distance, crossing over the boundaries of time and space. Students learn about Soul Fragmentation and practice techniques Soul Retrieval as they become empowered to send healing energy to every year in their life.  Shamanic Reiki 2nd Degree is available to individuals who have completed 1st Degree and have practiced a minimum of 30 days of self-healing work.

At 2nd Degree, students will:

  • Receive a 2nd Degree Shamanic Reiki Manual, written by Julie Roberts
  • Participate in a Sacred Attunement Ceremony to Shamanic Reiki 2nd Degree
  • Learn 3 Reiki symbols
  • Practice Cord Cutting
  • Learn about Soul Fragmentation
  • Practice Soul Retrieval with the Reiki Symbols
  • Work with the 4 Directions & the Elements
  • Work with the Seasons & Cycles of Earth
  • Learn to bless a room, call in the quarters and clear corners with Reiki Symbols
  • Send Reiki over time and space
  • Perform distance healings on others using a photo or a surrogate
  • Receive Shamanic Reiki 2nd Degree Certificate (after Reiki is sent back to all their years)


Additional Degrees in Shamanic Reiki:

First Degree (Beginner Practitioner)

Third Degree (Advanced Practitioner)

Master Teacher Degree