IMG_8064Bringing Eden Here Now.

Master Degree is taught following Third Degree and is the final portion of Shamanic Reiki Training for those who wish to incorporate Shamanic Reiki fully into their lives, empowering others through the Sacred Attunement Ceremony. Master Degree is taught to those who have completed 3rd Degree, following a minimum of 3 months of regular practice on clients.

At this level, all the hesitation of action is removed and our thoughts truly match our actions as we live authentically, become fully open to Reiki energy and there is a sense of burning away of old behaviors, patterns and karma.  These final two days of teaching completely opens the student to transforming Reiki energy which positively affects all areas of their life and the people around them for their highest good.

In these final two full days of teaching, students:

  • Receive a Shamanic Reiki Master Manual, written by Julie Roberts
  • Participate in the sacred attunement ceremony, opening them fully to the power of Reiki energy at Master Degree.
  • Learn about the Symptoms of Energy shifts
  • Learn the High Art of Teaching
  • Learn the Violet Breath
  • Awaken to Ancestral Wisdom
  • Healing Soul Wounds and Ancestral Paradoxes
  • Learn Furumoto’s Attunement process
  • Learn William Rand’s Attunement process
  • Learn Universal Reiki Master Attunement process
  • Learn Usui’s Reiju Empowerments
  • Release Spirit Attachments
  • Cross-over Discarnate Spirits
  • Receive certificate for Reiki Master Degree

Becoming a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher is about being in Service to the Earth and Greater Good. Reiki Master Teachers help seekers find healing. This path is not merely about achieving the title of Master as a way to inflate the ego. Shamanic Reiki Master Degree is clearly not for everyone and Jewels will only teach those who are truly ready to embrace mastery at every level within their lives.

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