IMG_1723Each person has incarnated into being on Sacred Assignment.  If you find yourself drawn to explore the healing arts and the deeper mysteries, it is because you are listening to the calling of your very own soul to Remember.  Most likely, you have done this work before and the cultivation of your gifts is needed to assist in the co-creation of a new paradigm.

Shamanic Reiki is a deeply integrative practice which aligns and attunes individuals to the frequency of Universal Conscious Life Force Energy for the purposes of healing, growth, and transformation.  Shamanic Reiki gently but powerfully facilitates the healing process, uniting and harmonizing every aspect of Self to cultivate wholeness, balance, and ideal health from within.

Working directly with Source, the cardinal forces of creation, and the Sacred Rhythms & Cycles of the Universe, we heal & restore balance to Self as well as the world around us. Shamanic Reiki facilitates healing at the deepest levels, moving beyond the limitations of the physical world and into the spiritual as we work closely with our Ancestors, Spirit Teachers and other unseen allies, co-creating a New Paradigm and ideal world for All.

Jewels enjoys meeting with all students personally prior to class as choosing a Spiritual Teacher is as much part of the journey as the attunement itself.  Please contact Jewels directly at 818-429-9663 to arrange a meeting time.


For details on the different levels of training, please click on the links below:

First Degree

Second Degree

Third Degree

Master Teacher Degree