Sonic Cauldron

cropped-img_32361.jpgWhile exploring ancient stone circles on spiritual pilgrimage in 2016, Jewels was charged by the Goddess to create an album of magical healing music. Little did Jewels know she was creating this album as a magical healing soundtrack for her own life! It is with heartfelt joy that we present to you Jewels Aradia’s newest musical creation, Sonic Cauldron!

The songs contained within this album are tools for inner alchemy and deep soul healing. Every element of this album was co-created in a Sacred way with Reiki and Jewels’ beloved Faery companion, Okhim.

Okhim is a spirit being whom Jewels has worked with in a number of lifetimes – one in particular took place in Atlantis. During this incarnation, Jewels and her twin flame Okhim worked with sonic technology as a healing method. The deeper Jewels go into her spiritual practice, the more she remembers from these past lifetimes and their Sacred Work together.

IMG_3234The Sonic Cauldron album was created during specific planetary alignments over the course of one year to harness sacred medicine for humanity’s healing and evolutionary growth. Throughout the album, breathing and toning techniques are incorporated, similar to those once used in ancient Egypt and Atlantis. Sonic elements from nature are also woven into this album, to bring in the medicine of different landscapes around the world.

In several songs (Starwalker, Cosmic Womb, Blue Morpho, and Atlantean Portals) Jewels sings the reiki healing symbols in the form of the kotodama, which is also known as the ‘spirit word’ or ‘spirit tongue’. Jewels effectively sings the language of light, the essence of the ancients. These songs can be used to transcend the boundaries of time and space and help you bring healing into the NOW moment or use to help facilitate past life recall and deep soul healing.

The melodies within several songs (Starwalker, Cosmic Womb, Blue Morpho, Atlantean Portals, Spindle of Destiny, and Wyrd Sisters) were created spontaneously in the moment during sacred ceremony.  Jewels opens the faery well and channels Spirit to sing through her body or ’speak’ through her dulcimer. The recorded melodies “arrived” from Spirit, channeled in the moment.

Also included in the album is an 18+ minute guided meditation as the final track on the album, called The Bone Woman. The inspiration for this deep meditation came to Jewels via a spiritual transmission received from Spirit during a reiki healing session.

To support Jewels’ musical work, you can purchase Sonic Cauldron CD here or get the digital album through any of these online music stores:

Sorceress of Song

Since she was a young girl, singing has always been how Jewels offers pure love to the natural world around her. She recalls many sacred moments as a child when she would sing to the strawberry plants in her garden and tiny lights would appear…

The moment Jewels learned the Kotodama during her Reiki Master training, she was instinctively drawn to sing the sacred healing tones. Visions and memories of Ancient Egypt and Atlantis arose from the watery depths of memory as she sang.

Self-created sound is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal. It was used in Egypt, Atlantis, and many other ancient cultures for healing and manifestation. In many ancient texts discussing the creation of the universe, it is written that sound preceded light. Some say that sound is a language of light.

Abracadabra is an incantation derived from the Aramaic phrase avra kehdabra, meaning “I will create as I speak”. Native American legends speak of how Grandmother Spiderwoman sang the song of creation, bringing life to all beings on this planet. In many ancient texts there is mention of how sound precedes the existence of light.

As Jewels opens herself to intone sacred sounds, she allows the essence of Gaia and the consciousness of the landscape around her to rise up and ‘speak’ through her in melodic tones. In those moments, Jewels mediates energy as it flows between the realms. Sonic medicine pours through her in the infinite NOW moment as she sings the Reiki symbols, building a bridge of healing over time and space…for the planet, as well as the collective evolutionary growth of humanity and highest good of all living beings. Blessed Be!