Jewels’ studies in magic and the occult began over three decades ago with Tarot, Wicca, and Astrology. Over the years her eclectic magical practice has evolved and deepened as she dove into the deep well of memory that is her soul calling and re-membered her power.

IMG_3101Working with the spirits of the land and her Holy and Redeemed Ancestors, she has a strong intuition for her sacred work. As a faery seer and witch, she co-creates in harmony with natural law and the “People of Peace”, also known as the Shining Ones or Angels in the Land.

As a Shamanic Priestess, Jewels has cultivated Healing Rituals and Sacred Ceremony for individuals and groups since 2009. As a student of the Craft, Jewels is constantly honing her skills and is currently apprenticing with  Orion Foxwood, renowned witch and Elder in Romano Celtic-Traditional Craft, High Priest in Alexandrian Wicca and teacher of the Faery Seership tradition.

Sacred Spaces, Ceremony & House Blessings

IMG_1437Jewels offers House Blessings and Sacred Ceremonies to help others honor and hold Sacred Space for Life’s initiations, achievements, and transitions. If you feel drawn to host a healing circle or a have special ceremony to invite blessings into your home, please contact Jewels for more information.

Jewels taps into the pure power and potency of place when she does her sacred work. Aligning her three-fold self, she allows the beauty and voice of the Gaia to rise up and sing through her. Her ability to summon spirit through pure sound as she intones blessings through the surrounding environment from where she stands is a holy gift. As she sings, she is a living spiritual conduit, channeling and mediating healing energy between the realms.

IMG_8467Jewels is often called to places where sacredness needs to be restored and blessings need to flow. In most areas, roads have been paved and homes have been built upon land without any reverence to the history or wisdom connected to the sacred soil our modern lives have been built upon.

Sometimes imprints of traumatic events can be left behind, making a place feel “sick” or “heavy” with energy, as places hold the memory of the past. Sometimes life ‘retreats’ from a place and plants refuse to grow. Jewels can feel where life has withdrawn, where energy gets stuck and when a place needs healing. She clears away energetic debris and helps heal the relationship between humans, spirit, and our beloved planet Earth.

Readings & Spiritual Guidance

tarotFULLIndividuals are drawn to work with Jewels when they reach a crossroads in life. As we move across new thresholds and face inevitable changes, it can be difficult for us to see our own circumstances clearly. Energies around us can have a great deal of influence. Emotions can cloud our perceptions and overwhelm us. It is in these moments of transition and indecision where it is helpful to gain an outside perspective to clarify which direction to proceed.

Jewels enjoys providing spiritual guidance to others through intuitive readings. As a spiritual medium, she utilizes her natural gifts in combination with the Voyager Tarot when she reads for others. Whether you need assistance regarding matters of the heart or you are planning your next big investment, Jewels can help you find the clarity you seek. Contact Jewels to schedule your reading today!

The Council of Elders

IMG_0686Jewels is currently developing an oracular system of divination working with seven sacred beings she refers to as The Council of Elders.

Three years before Jewels’ parents were married, these beings ‘called’ her future-Grandmother to the ancient holy city of Monte Alban, where sacred artifacts were hidden beneath the surface of the soil. It was here upon a sacred mountain “at the Foot of the Sky” where Grandmother unearthed some of Jewels’ magic.

At some point between the years of 500 B.C. and 750 A.D., the living memory and substance of the Earth was shaped by Zapotec fingers into the form of clay sculptures. Through art and ritual, consciousness fused with form and these sacred objects became ensouled.IMG_8117

Over time and tide, these wise teachers patiently waited in the darkness beneath the soil. In stillness and silent power they remained untouched, until one cycle was ending and another was about to begin.

As the dawn of a new age approached, Jewels’ Grandmother was summoned to the exact location where these magical treasures awaited, hidden and protected beneath the surface of an ancient holy mountain.

With the help of humans, these sacred objects journeyed thousands of miles over land, sea, and sky, finally finding their home with Jewels in 2012.