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The Sonic Cocoon: A Healing Immersion Experience

(Granada Hills, CA) – Wednesday, January 8th @ 7:30pm – $20 per person – Pamper yourself with a healing immersion experience of the sonic variety, infused with Reiki energy. We invite you to journey into your inner depths, into a sonic ‘cocoon’ of transformation as sound healers play soothing tones from tibetan and crystal singing bowls. Enjoy guided imagery as Jewels leads you on a visionary journey of the soul. Receive Reiki healing attunements to bring you into alignment in mind, body, and soul as you relax and restore. Please bring a yoga mat to sit or lie down on, as well as blankets and pillows to maximize coziness. Please bring a healthy snack to share with the group afterwards. This event is being held at a private residence and space is limited. Prepaid tickets reserve your space and the location’s address will be given at that time.


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Defensive Magic: Shielding & Protection Workshop

Saturday, February 1, 2020 @ 2pm – Granada Hills, CA – $44/person - Psychic protection isn’t about fear. It’s like putting on a seat belt or carrying an umbrella. Let’s face it. 99% of the people out there just don’t understand how the world of energy works, let alone know how to practice good psychic hygiene. This is why we shield. This class was created especially for the sensitive souls, the empaths and the ones who seem to ‘feel’ everything. In this workshop, we’ll go over the energy basics of defensive magic and shielding. You will be shown specific herbs and oils, as well as a number of practicable techniques to help keep your energy strong and clear as you move through the world. Bring an object you would like to bless and charge for protection. This can be a stone you carry in your pocket, an amulet, a silver ring or another object. We will do a group working in class to bless these items. You will leave feeling strong and empowered with a number of simple, practicable techniques that are easy to integrate into your daily life. Space is limited. A prepaid ticket reserves your space and the workshop’s address location will be given at that time.


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Shamanic Reiki Healing Session – 75 mins

A single, in-person Shamanic Reiki Healing session lasts 75 minutes. Depending on one’s healing needs, a healing session may include any combination of the following techniques: Reiki, Sonic Healing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy, Guided Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Kotodama, Cord Cutting, Psychic Surgery, and/or Spirit Release.



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Mind, Body & Soul Pak – 3 Sessions – SAVE $90!!!

Get a 20% discount (SAVE $90!!!) when you purchase 3 Shamanic Reiki Healing Sessions up front. This is for individuals who are truly dedicated to their personal healing & growth. For deeper healing work clearing the chakras, moving through trauma, divorce, grief, deprogramming and/or moving through the shadowy realms healing deeper soul wounds.



The Ascension Pak – 11 Sessions – BEST DEAL!!!

BEST VALUE!!! SAVE $538.89!!! We all know that creating true, lasting change takes dedication, time and effort. The Ascension Pak is for individuals who have a burning desire to transform some area of their life. Having a mentor to guide and lend additional energetic and spiritual support greatly increases your chances of cultivating a lifestyle change that is sustainable. Individuals who commit to deeper transformation with the Ascension Pak will receive private mentoring, spiritual guidance and shamanic reiki healing treatments over the course of 11 private sessions.




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Reiki Certification Training DEPOSIT

The next Shamanic Reiki First Degree Training is 1/19/20. Reserve your spot today & get the Shamanic Reiki training manual emailed to you before class begins. Shamanic Reiki attunes and aligns students to begin working with Spiritual Conscious Life Force Energy for the purposes of healing, learning, and growth. Shamanic studies further connect students to the rhythmic forces of the planet and cardinal forces of creation itself. Contact Jewels for more details.