Client Testimonials

IMG_3747“Julie Roberts (aka Jewels Aradia) is a life changer and earth angel walking among us. She will help set you up for success mentally, physically, and spiritually and literally change you from the inside out with her healing and energy rebalancing.  You have to do your part, stay open minded and want it.  If you do, and combine your intention with Julie’s deep-rooted talent and gift, you will get there.  I highly recommend Julie for anyone needing emotional healing, strength, assistance with physical ailments, or anyone looking to transcend spiritually to the next level.  In three short years, I am a new person from the inside out, stronger than ever mentally, physically and spiritually.  It’s not a quick fix, but a lifestyle shift when you work with Julie.  Julie makes you into a better person, someone you will love, and helps you learn how to love yourself.  If you found Julie, you are in the right place.”

~Marissa Campbell, Business Owner, Balboa Island, CA


“I have a chronic heart condition and Julie did a single distance healing on me (over the phone) during a particularly painful episode of angina and within 15 minutes the pain was gone.  I could feel the healing energy entering my body, filling me with warmth and could ‘see’ the healing happening inside of me.  Julie is an amazing healer with a very strong intuition for her work.” ~ Nina K., Riverside, CA.


“Various times in the last few years I have tried to quit smoking.  Each time I succeeded for only a couple weeks at a time and always had cigarettes on my mind.  Julie did a smoking cessation program with me through a series of hypnosis sessions.  It has been amazingly simple to quit after this treatment, unlike all the other times and I’ve been able to sail through trigger situations with no problem.  Thanks to Julie, I feel so much healthier and stronger!” ~ Debbie S., Canoga Park, CA. (Smoke-free since 2009!)


“For years I have been plagued with medical conditions that western medicine cannot explain or understand.  Recently I woke up to find both eyes swollen shut. Julie came to my house to do a full reiki session on me.  She did psychic surgery and extracted all past health problems from my body. It was the most amazing experience!  Nearly all the swelling was gone from my eyes by the end of the session.” ~ Jill K., Los Angeles


“I had heard of Reiki from numerous people over the years, but had never tried it. When I finally did try it, it was one of the most amazing experiences. Julie helped me to relax through guided meditations, and as she did, she used the healing and cleansing energy of Reiki that I could feel flowing from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet throughout the session. Afterward, I had more energy, felt better and had a sense of happiness and well-being that lasted for days, no matter the little challenges life threw my way. I’d recommend Reiki sessions with Julie to anyone who wishes to reduce stress and maintain a sense of balance and wellness in their life.” ~ Deby L., Los Angeles, CA


“I had a Distance Reiki Healing with Julie.  She innately knew that I had foot surgery and was concerned about my emotional health (I am a diabetic with many foot problems and had suffered a great loss with the sudden passing of my husband a year prior). During the distance treatment I felt an overwhelming tingling over my right leg from the knee down. Afterward, I felt extreme tiredness and I fell fast asleep. However while I was sleeping I could still feel the tingling in my leg. I awoke to a refreshed and peaceful being without a trace of pain.”  ~ Jeanette J. Las Vegas NV


“My first Reiki session with Julie was five months ago.  At that point in my life I was crying at least once a day…  After our first session the daily crying stopped, it was so subtle that it actually took me a week to realize it.  Now I feel like a completely different person.” ~ Faith S., Los Angeles, CA


“I have suffered from pain for years due to a near death accident, enduring severe pain in my left shoulder blade which hurt everyday and every time I inhaled.  No matter how many massages and chiropractic visits I had, the pain continued to the point of being in tears. I attended Julie’s Reiki Circle one day and was in so much pain I didn’t think I could make it much longer then Julie put her hands on my back.  I took a deep breath in and I was able to sit tall with no pain at all. I couldn’t believe it!  Julie removed the bad energy that has been stuck there for years.” ~ Jill K., Los Angeles


“I met several practitioners of Reiki before I felt inspired to gain the skill myself. Julie Roberts impressed me first with her palpable reiki charge and healing abilities and then a second time with her concise, supportive teaching style. I felt that I got a great overview of the history of Reiki, and also a great hands-on section, which left me feeling confident and excited to try my new skills. This was a great course, I’m looking forward to mastery with the help of Julie.” ~ High Priestess, Granada Hills, CA.


“I have a skin condition called Psoriasis that has been effecting the back of my ears and lower part of my scalp. I have been suffering with this condition for about 3 or 4 years now. I received my Reiki 1 attunement with Julie a week ago and to my amazement, 6 days into my self-treatment, I noticed that the Psoriasis behind my right ear was about 98% cleared up! It wasn’t itchy or inflamed at all.” ~ Sage O., Northridge, CA


“Julie helped me in such a deep and gratifying way with the Spirit Communication of my late husband.  It was so very accurate that it gave me goose bumps. She asked him what I needed to know and that gave me the peace that I needed to move on with my life. When I was done with the reading, I felt an overwhelming wash of comfort rise out of me. From my feet to my head like a big gush of relief.  She will never know how she helped me with this grief that I was going through. I was never a full true believer and I am now.  Thank you, Julie for this unbelievable gift that you have.  You have helped me move on through a very tough time.” ~ Jeanette J.  Las Vegas, NV


“I have battled depression for years.  When I look back on my life now I honestly feel like a completely different person from the person I know I was.  Reiki has helped me change for the better.” ~ Faith S., Los Angeles, CA


“I am so amazed at the healing process my body has gone through since Reiki First Degree. My back has not been in any pain since I started doing Reiki on it and my horrible menstrual cramps that keep me in bed for days goes away without any motrin or vicodin. I just can’t believe it, that I’m finally pain free! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Yvette B., Culver City, CA


“What a transformational experience! Julie helps you connect with all aspects of your being on your journey towards self discovery. The Reiki Certification Course is well organized and thorough, and you leave feeling that you have finally found your true calling. If you are looking for a highly energized, knowledgeable and caring Reiki Master to lead you though Master’s training, look no further. JULIE is the Master/Teacher and THIS is the class for you!” ~ Jenna P.


“Julie’s energy is wonderful and her way of explaining and teaching is so natural. All those that are part of this meetup are down to earth and warm people. This is a true safe sanctuary to learn and to grow!” ~ Liz K., Palmdale, CA


“The Full Moon Reiki Circle was so great!! Julie is TERRIFIC! I woke up this morning and with one phone call my financial problem was solved….hmmm coincidence? I travel for a living but when I am home I am DEFINITELY coming to your classes! This was my first and it surpassed my expectations and now has me ready for more.” ~ Karen R., Los Angeles


“Julie’s Candle Magick class was very informative and well organized. Julie has a wealth of knowledge and was able to communicate in terms that were easily understandable to those like me who have no prior experience. I had a great time and learned so much!” ~ Debbie M., Reseda, CA


“The Reiki Circles are a great way to take a hour to yourself, to be as one with ones self and to connect with earth’s energy and seek balance.” ~ Gil L., Chatsworth, CA


“Through Reiki I am a healthier person, I now have self-respect, as well as control of my thoughts and actions. With the teaching and guidance of Reiki I am on my way to finding peace with myself and in my life.” ~ Faith S., Los Angeles, CA


“The Psychic Development Workshop has tons of great information facilitated by a great instructor! The reading exercise was mind-blowing. Another highly recommended workshop provided by Julie.” ~ Jennie A., Granada Hills, CA


“In the Jewelry Workshop, I had a blast learning about all the crystals and designing my own bracelet.  Julie led a beautiful outdoor meditation which opened our channels of creativity and really let the “art” of jewelry design manifest. A lovely afternoon, indeed!” ~ Genta R.


“The Reiki Circle was very inviting , very comfortable, nice people. I thought it was a great experience for me personally and I look forward to joining in on more events. Julie is a great leader and makes you feel right at home! If your looking for self clarity this is the group for you, I’m already feeling better and happy! Thanx.” ~ Gil L., Chatsworth, CA


“The Reiki Circle was magical, exciting and truly healing to the soul!!! I left the circle about 2 hours ago and I can still feel the Reiki energy flowing through me… aahhh so relaxing!” ~ Liz K., Palmdale, CA


“I enjoyed Julie’s energy, down to earth personality, and teaching style.  Julie’s ability to articulate and seamlessly transition using her intuition was a treat.  I’m sure our paths will cross again very soon.” ~ Ann C., Los Angeles


“I loved it (Reiki Training)! Julie is so gifted and she somehow always able to pass that gift on. She was born to teach.” ~ Karen R., Los Angeles


“More than I could hope for in a reiki two experience! Julie is knowledgeable, magickal, fair and free to various discussion! Our reiki master made sure we reflected on reiki in our lives, understood reiki, and felt comfortable using reiki- which is very important to me personally. I left feeling confident of my ability to channel this wonderful spiritual energy! Location was terrific and lunch was fabulous! Thank you for making my reiki 2 training as most invaluable and precious, Julie!” ~ Nadia V., Silverlake, CA


“Thank you Julie for the wonderful work you did with clearing our rental house. We finally rented the house four days after you performed the paranormal investigation and clearing of the house. We have gone back a few times to check on the new renters and they are thrilled with the house.  When we first bought the house I felt there was something not right but I thought with a little TLC the house would be perfect for renters.  Well, the first painter that came in for a week was experiencing noises in the house and as the week progressed all the doors where slamming shut.  Towards the end of the week he heard a voice tell him to “burn the house” and at that point he packed up and left without finishing his work.  The second worker, not related to the first worker, heard foot steps and whistling in the house while he was working alone. He brought a helper with him on the second day and he also heard the same noises. It took us 8 months to rent out the house the first time, and the tenants lasted 5 months and moved out of the house giving us no notice. This second time we had the house sitting there for 3 months with many people interested at first and then backing out at the last minute or practically disappearing on us. I am so glad I mentioned it to you and asked you to look into it.  Julie, the house now feels brighter and warmer.  I would have never guessed that we had 6 lost souls in that house.  Thank you for helping those lost souls go to the light and freeing them of being bounded in my house. You are truly amazing!  Thank you also for sharing with me the recordings of the entities.  The noises that where captured by you and your crew in your investigation work was amazing!  Sending many blessings to you.” ~ Liz K, Palmdale, CA.


“We live in a society where there is a “pill for every ill”. This one for pain, that one for anxiety, another to sleep, another for depression, etc. Reiki is a holistic system that works with your own inner ability to self-heal. Once you start on the path, you may find yourself cleaning out your medicine cabinet, like I did.” ~ C.K., Granada Hills


“One of the greatest gifts Reiki bestows is the ability to slow down, listen to our bodies, and  finally understand the language of the Self. So much illness and injury can be avoided when we stop and pay attention to ourselves.” ~ Carianne, Granada Hills


One of the wonderful aspects of Reiki is that it addresses spiritual and emotional healing as well as the physical. When I started on the Reiki path with Julie, I thought I was there to heal a sprained ankle. Now I realise that I was there to heal my soul, too. ~ C.K., Granada Hills


“Julie is the most powerful, kind and beautiful person that I have ever met and I have been seeking healers for years of all cultures and she is by far the best I have met.  If you are reading this then please don’t hesitate to contact her.  If money is an issue come to her Free Reiki Circles to meet her and decide for yourself.  You will not regret it, I promise and I am so looking forward to learning more from her.  God bless Reiki and all of its light workers.” ~ Jill K., Los Angeles


“With Julie as my teacher and healer, I felt an immediate sense of comfort and acceptance.” ~ Carianne, Granada Hills


“Julie brings a sense of fun, love and sharing to all of her classes. A class with her and her students feels more like Thanksgiving than school!” ~ C.K., Granada Hills


“The thing I like most about Julie as a reiki teacher is that she is open to new ideas and different experiences. She encourages you to explore and form your own opinions, free from dogma.  I think this is the sign of a Master Teacher.” ~ Carianne, Granada Hills


“I have been overweight and have battled depression and low self esteem throughout the majority of my life.  Working with Julie, I have learned how to love myself for the first time!  Reiki has taught me how to nourish myself in healthy ways.  I used to struggle with fad diets and intense food cravings.  It seemed that no matter what I tried, I couldn’t lose any weight.  Now I understand that the reason why my body was holding onto excess weight was emotional.  Since I started healing with Reiki, the weight is suddenly coming off!  Most importantly, I beileve in myself now.  Thank you Julie, for helping me learn how to become the woman of my dreams!” ~ Naomi, Los Angeles


“Julie Roberts has a gift.  What makes her unique is that she shares it with others.  She is a giver.  Each of our sessions has been a different experience.  The latest one has been profound and life changing.  I have felt such peace and bliss ever since, really for the first time in my life. Thank you, you dear person.”  ~ Susan C., Woodland Hills, CA


“Since Shamanic Reiki 1st Degree, I now value life in all forms. I no longer feel paranoia about my health.  I feel happier and more at ease with myself and would even say that I am beginning to love myself. Life doesn’t seem quite so scary and fears are starting to leave me.  I can control my own emotions more and trust in Reiki to help guide me when I am struggling. I feel more compassion toward others and have a balanced view on life.  Life is good through Reiki eyes!” ~ Tracey P.


“Julie is not only an amazing woman but an outstanding teacher.  I have learned so much from her Shamanic Reiki classes and have grown in ways I have never imagined.  Her knowledge and expertise of her craft clearly shows and has taken me on a journey far beyond my expectations.  I look forward to every class and all the magic it brings into my life!” ~ Angela N.


“My experiences with Shamanic Reiki will forever be memorable ones due to the fact that my master teacher, Julie, has done everything in her power to fully detail the spiritual aspects in each class session, which have taught me to perform valuable tasks in my life.” ~ Patricia


“With all my heart, I thank you for ferrying me across the threshold.  I have been at the door for a while.  Thank All that I was ready to accept the invitation of conscious companionship with my ancestors and lineage. I am truly grateful that you were the one to safely and respectfully facilitate the process.  I am also in awe of the integrating power of Shamanic Reiki.  Bright blessings to you, dear Julie.” ~ Susan C.


“I’m grateful to have taken Shamanic Reiki 1 and 2!  Julie gives us countless tools to incorporate Reiki as a way to reclaim our power within us.  We learned how to communicate with our guides/totems, our ancestors, the elements, nature’s cycles and the structure to create sacred space for healing…so powerful!” ~ David B.


Healing With Trees Workshop:

“I really felt like I connected with the tree spirits during this class on a deeper level than I’ve ever experienced. Julie provides lots of practical techniques and info and I am excited to put these to practice in furthering my relationship with nature. Thank you, Julie. Your classes rock!” ~ Lynn C.


“As always, Julie’s class was filled with information, humor, and a deep connection to the beauty and power of nature.” ~ Anthony P.


Wiccan Ritual Construction:

“Wonderfully magickal! Julie is an amazing teacher who is very knowledgeable and shares her gifts and talents with love and openness to make the world a beautiful place. Thank you, Julie!” ~ Jamie M.


“I was so elated to take this set of classes and I am so glad to say that the courses have exceeded my expectations! I am just getting started on the magical aspects of this path and I am glad to be learning the right techniques in the right way, in Love and Light! Much more than techniques and jewels of wisdom is shared in these classes, but also the loving environment that has enabled me to gain more confidence, love myself more, and a better understanding of the Goddess within. Wonderful!” ~ L. Christle


“Well, the last class went out with a BANG! Totally powerful! So grateful to have been a part of an official ritual. The class was very informational and helpful to my growing development.” ~ S. Challacombe


“The ideal cap to four weeks of learning the steps to magical ritual, this night bonded the students ‘in perfect love and in perfect trust’ in a glorious Summer Solstice rite.” ~ A. Pearce


Releasing Ancestral Karma:

“It was releasing for me on all levels of my being, I felt touch by Spirit and by Julie. I am so very Grateful to have had the Beautiful opportunity to be around so many blessed souls on the journey back home.. This class is highly recommended for those still stuck in the lower vibration to take this class to clear anything that
may be karmically related to our Ancestors and set it free them free and yourself free. Thank you, Teach. I Love You!” – Starlet C.