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Reiki Master Teacher. Seer. Shamanic Priestess. Sorceress of Song. World Alchemist. Astrology Geek. Wyrd Traveler.

Jewels Aradia (aka Julie S. Roberts) is a naturally gifted seer and powerful healer. Through her Sacred Work she help individuals consciously shift into new energies and IMG_8467transform their lives in extraordinary ways. Whether seekers require healing, guidance, or spiritual growth, they tend to find Jewels when they’ve reached a crossroads in life.

Jewels launched her spiritual healing practice in 2009 with Sanctuary Much as a response to a deep spiritual calling to help others who are Awakening. Over the years, Jewels has facilitated over 400 healing and spiritually-based community events and classes to support humanity’s needs as we transition into the new age.IMG_6758

A Reiki Master Teacher trained in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki System of Natural Healing, Jewels is the 11th master in a direct lineage traceable to Dr. Mikao Usui himself, the original grandmaster of Reiki. For information on Reiki Certification with Jewels, click here.

IMG_3101The foundation of Jewels’ shamanic healing practice hails from ancient Celtic roots. The wisdom and practicable skills Jewels shares through her healing sessions and mentoring reflects a culmination of nearly 30 years of study and practice as an eclectic witch.

As a Priestess and Spirit Worker, Jewels taps deeply into the Wisdom of the Ancients. Her visionary and divinatory skills are consistently on point, making her a potent guide to seekers during Shamanic Reiki Healing and Spiritual Counseling Sessions.IMG_8044

When working with Sacred Sound, Jewels sings the language of light, also known as the Kotodama, or spirit tongue. As Jewels sings, she psychopomps energy between the realms. Channeling frequencies from 7 different dimensions, she bridges two worlds as the resonance of her voice opens the gates for healing and blessings to flow. It is because of this sacred gift that she has been called a “sorceress of song”.

IMG_8111Jewels works closely with nature and the spirits of the land. While on spiritual pilgrimage in England and Wales, she sang to sacred wells and ancient stone circles and was charged by the Goddess to make an album to re-enchant the world. In 2017, Jewels Aradia released her debut album, ‘Sonic Cauldron’. Jewels was also honored to co-create an album with her magical peers, featuring the charms and chants of Orion Foxwood, called ‘Songs of Enchantment’.

Jewels is a Reverend of the Universal Life Church and is certified in guided hypnosis through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. She has been featured as a guest speaker on a variety of spiritual radio & tv programs. Links to those broadcasts can be found on the Contact Jewels page.

JA NEWSLETTER BUTTONJewels finds deep fulfillment in working with spiritually conscious business professionals, creative artists, and other sensitive individuals through her healing gifts. She is known in spiritual circles to be a “healer of healers”. To read endorsements from Jewels’ clientele, please click here.

Infinite Blessings Await. Contact Jewels to book your session today!