You Are An Alchemist

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⭐️ In case you needed a reminder! ⭐️

The Universe is Mind. It’s amazing what we create in our lives, based on how we think.

I see this reflected in every individual I work with.

We can create beauty and peace and magical magnificence! Or we can live in fear, believing others have power over us, continuing cycles of victimization and enslavement, opening us up for attack.

So many of our ‘demons’ are self-created. Our thoughts and belief systems can lift us up or they can poison us from within. We can change our mind in a single moment, but it takes the power of our will and effort over time to maintain lasting results..

One cannot do this without self-love as nourishment for growth. This is the dance of life and we must each find our own rhythm.

A daily practice that aligns you with your ultimate goal is key, whether it be healthy eating, a yoga practice, meditation, positive affirmations or a combination of things we do to cultivate our ideal Self.

It is never too late to place yourself back upon the altar of creation. Ritualize your life, make it sacred. We are all creators; we DO have the power.. I believe in you, but what is most important is that you believe in your Self.

❤ Brightest Blessings ❤️