Sonic Reiki Healing For Our Times (VIDEO)

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Choose peace. Choose love. Choose health. Choose the best that is possible. Choose alignment. Choose self love. Choose your infinite self. Choose joy. Choose life force energy. Choose well being.

Take a time out. Unplug. Tune in to something different. Take a deep breath, open your heart and sit a spell with me.

The spirit of the trees, the spirit of the stones and the wisdom keepers – the original ancestors of the land want to help.

I went to a beautiful green place today and I climbed a tree and I sang to the breeze. I open the gateways to the infinite and to the best that is possible.

I tuned my self to the energy and spirit of the people of peace that dwell here and allow the healing energies and essence of place to sing through me.

I invite you to participate a non-ordinary healing experience as I sing the kotodama and language of light. May we all be blessed 💗🙏⭐️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

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