The Real Danger

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What we see happening in the world today is a mirror to our collective soul, helping humanity to Awaken from a deep slumber. We are being called to see ourselves and the world differently than we have in the past.

The consciousness of the masses is a fearful entity which appears to be hell-bent on consuming itself. Mass consciousness can also be compared to a frightened child, trapped in the terror of a living nightmare. Its behavior is much like a wounded animal that has been backed into a corner and is fighting for its survival.

But in truth, it doesn’t have to be this way. We are evolving.

The consciousness of the collective is fed by each of us – by our thoughts, deeds, and actions. At some level, we all have participated in the creation of the very chaos that consumes and destroys us. Choices over time have created the patterns which have brought us to where we are today.

And we have the power to change it.

This change begins with our choices as we walk this world in living Awareness from moment to moment. We have the power to transform unhealthy & destructive patterns by our own free will. That is our magic, that is our power. We simply have to choose to use it in ways that support and sustain Life, instead of destroying it.

The ego is selfish by nature and can only perceive its reality from a limited perspective. We are not separate from the world of energy and the Source created us. This is the gift and curse of having an individuated soul experience with free will.

This is also the root cause of all our suffering.

The real danger is not becoming all you are meant to be because you were too afraid. Fear is a liar that will rob you of your joy. The real danger is when you listen to that voice over the sweet whisperings of your soul calling you towards your greatest dreams.” ~Spirit

Our first sense is aliveness. All our other physical senses exist to help us understand the aliveness that is everywhere and within everything. Yet, our limited human perceptions, attitudes and beliefs about our relationship to the many unique expressions of Life around us can be deceptive, reinforcing the misunderstanding that we are alone and separate from the Earth and each other.

When we return to our first sense, the sense of aliveness, we begin to realize that energy pulses and flows throughout everything. This energy connects us all as One. Over time, we can learn how to cultivate a relationship with this living Universal intelligence that we are ALL a part of.

From a spiritual perspective, there simply is no “other.”

This is the lesson humanity is learning at this time. For, what we do to others, we also do to ourselves. What we do to ourselves also affects the greater whole. There is no separation between us. Turn our eyes towards a deeper truth that unifies us.

I pray our hearts unfold and blossom in pure love and compassion. May we become blessed mirrors to each other, reflecting our glorious light in a beauty way. We are breaking the old enchantment and the illusion of isolation. Now and forever.

*lights a candle to hold space for humanity to remember ALL IS ONE*  

❤ Blessed Be ❤