Natural Beauty Isn’t Just Skin Deep

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Good morning! 🦋💕🌞
Now that the sun has shifted into the earthy sign of Taurus, nourishing our bodies with great nutrition and practicing self care and loving our bodies feels extra delightful.

People come to me with a variety of health goals. What I’ve learned over the years, observing transformation after transformation, is that all those “goals” aren’t really goals.

They are “side-effects” of getting closer to the ultimate goal, which is HEALTH. What’s the point of taking off the weight if your health deteriorates in the process? The outside is merely a reflection of the inside. Extra weight is usually a late sign of an imbalance inside.

Transformations like these are simply the natural side effect of the body being back in BALANCE.

I love what Marjan has to say about her experience, as I’m sure most can relate.

She shares:

“Shame, frustration and sometimes in tears, was what I felt when I looked at myself in the mirror before laying a layer of foundation on my skin to cover up all the red spots.

After years of being challenged as an adult with “bad” skin, it started to influence my self-esteem.

I tried average and expensive creams, masks, oils, stopped smoking, no sophisticated sugars, no milk products, no meat, no alcohol, nothing on my skin or my face, became vegan for a while, only fruit and vegetables and still nothing I tried worked in the long term until I started nutritionally cleansing my body.

About 3 months after I started cleansing, my beauty specialist saw me and said ” Marjan, I don’t know what you did, but your skin is clear and radiant, but that’s not the only thing, you look so lively and about it generally healthy “. Now, more than 2 years later, my skin is still clear and I feel so grateful.

Ps. The left picture is with makeup, the right picture without makeup.”

Congratulations beautiful! 💕🦋


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