Spiritual Adventures: Petroglyphs In Griffith Canyon

petroglyphs, native american, paiute, washoe, shoshone, griffith canyon, NV, hiking, spiritual adventure

What a wonder-filled day I had!

The first time I came out to Griffith Canyon in search of petroglyphs, I did not find them. They are kind of a “local secret” and I am ….an outlander! It’s like I had to go through a whole rite of passage first. Which is totally cool because spirit has its own way and I know everything is as it should be.

And today I found them! I made offerings of song and water and other treats to the spirits of place. I sang to the four winds and I sang again as I made my descent into the deeper places in the canyon.

I did the Dragon Dance! And midway through my dance I looked up and saw a spirit watching me from the rocks nearby. A protector of the land. I have seen these beings a few times before while out in nature doing magic.

I am grateful for so many things these days. My spiritual adventures with the spirits of the land and connecting with the Earth grid. Dancing in the steets.. Amazing sunsets. Breathing with the land.

I love feeling healthy and strong in my body when I go out on petroglyph seeking adventures. I love having confidence in my wellness. I remember when my knees would scream at me on hikes. Not anymore!

Enjoy the video! You will discover the petroglyphs in the same moments I did 💕😊🙏 I felt strengthened by my journey and I can’t wait to go back again 🌈🥾