Processed Foods VS Nutritionally Engineered Foods

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I can only imagine the apocalypse food people are eating these days. People are stress baking, stress eating, emotional eating, binge eating…I am seeing it all over my news feed.

I was just talking to someone today about the difference between nutritionally engineered food versus processed food.

There is a massive difference.

The products we use in our nutritional rebalancing lifestyle are organically sourced whenever humanly possible from ethical farmers that practice sustainability. Everything is created to nourish your body perfectly with the right amount of macros and micro nutrients.

Our meal replacement shakes and healthy snack options satisfy hunger and cravings and help you feel full. There are never any chemicals or preservatives added and everything is 3rd party triple batch tested for purity – so you know you are eating clean.

Other companies in the processed food industry don’t do this. They process their foods using gmo ingredients, adding preservatives, too much salt, unhealthy fats, using gmo beet sugars and chemicals that literally get you ADDICTED and leave you wanting more.

We have all heard the Pringle’s commercial slogan “once you pop you can’t stop”. Those companies want you to keep consuming. Your health is not their concern – they would rather you be unhealthy, sick and dying and eating their products.

I think we can all agree that the road to health is not found on the dollar menu or in a bag of chips. The question is, do you value your life enough to make an investment in your health? Is how you feel important to you? It should be. ❤️

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All our products are backed by a 100% money back guarantee. You literally have nothing to lose ❤️🙏