My Transformation Journey

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As a priestess I had reached a point in my spiritual journey where I was guided without a doubt to “shift into the gift” by making a lifestyle change when it came to my nutrition.

Spirit said I needed to get serious with my health if I was going to do what I came here to do. I had tried everything and was not having the results I desired.

Finally in 2018 I tried this system and to date I have successfully released 86 lbs of toxic fat from my body. But my journey wasn’t about weight loss. It was about reclaiming my body. It was about ideal health.

After years of searching, I finally found a way to cleanse that I actually ENJOY. As I release impurities I find that I have more energy and mental clarity. My energy feels more balanced. As a seer and a healer, these things are important to me.

My passion is to help other spiritual beings reclaim their physical – and financial – wellbeing. We were made for these times and we must support our bodies on the journey.

If you need a reboot and would like to know more about how nutritional rebalancing can help you, please reach out and we can chat about your wellness goals.

May we all be blessed ❤️🙏