Bless Your Body With Great Nutrition

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Hello beautiful Spirits 💕
I am seeing comments in my news feed about how people have already eaten through their food supplies for the month. Stress eating, stress baking, emotional eating, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, the list goes on.

I was there too, for a couple days. I get it. I really really do. Some days it feels like the only thing we can control is what we put in our mouth.

I also just got back from the grocery store picking up groceries mom ordered online and *thought* were in stock, but snow in the Sierras last night kept the trucks from getting over the pass and a good amount of food from coming in.

Protein is hard to come by right now.

Having my two superfood meal replacement shakes a day helps me stay full and feel satisfied and helps keep me from snacking on junk all day long.

I have less stress knowing that two meals a day are covered. These nutrient dense shakes are low on calories and dense in nutrients. I get all my macro and micro nutrients and amino acids that my body needs.

But as I scroll through the newsfeed, I see many friends who have worked so hard on themselves falling off the wagon in regards to their mindset and health and all I can say is..

You didn’t come this far just to give up now. Now is the time to dig in deep and affirm that you ARE WORTH IT! Your health tomorrow is dependent on the actions you take today. NO ONE can give you this gift but YOU.

We can’t solve our problems by burying ourselves in unhealthy coping mechanisms and old behavior patterns. We can move through this as victims or as warriors. And the good news is every day we get to choose.

I love you and this might sting a little but it needs to be said – because I care about your wellbeing. You don’t get to check out and cause harm to your mind and body because of what is going on in the world. You don’t get to use what is going on as an excuse to check out. The world needs you. And the world needs you to be HEALTHY.

So if you need help getting clean healthy superfood nutrition that will help you FEEL GOOD into your home, look no further. Everything for your nutritional wellness needs – including immune support – is delivered to your doorstep so you don’t have to go outside and risk exposure.

This week we have free shipping on orders over $150 AND you get a case of BEA (a sparkling botanical energy drink). (Save up to $100!!!)

You guys, this isn’t about weight loss or looking good in skinny jeans, it’s about health. It’s not even a sacrifice, because these shakes are delicious! A single meal breaks down to about $3.

There’s even an opportunity here to make $$$$ as a home based business. I know many are struggling right now. I am here offering healthy solutions for those who are open to it.

Be well!