Shelter In Place With Ease & Grace

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Midday Healing Meditation
Mondays at Noon PST (3pm EST)

The world has turned upside down in a short period of time. This radical shift has called me in powerful ways to step into Service.

Even though I am not currently accepting in-person appointments, I am still available via phone for spiritual consultations, distance reiki and personalized guided meditations for those who are needing a deeper level of assistance at this time. Staying healthy is our #1 priority right now.

You see, there is much more going on than just a pandemic. A massive shift in consciousness is currently underway. There is an uprooting and an upheaval taking place that is rocking our foundations to the deepest places. Old paradigms are coming to an end. We are being triggered left and right. This is a tremendous opportunity for growth.

Keep a vigilant eye for the blessings that surround you at this time. We are unifying. I have seen kindness in the eyes and hearts of strangers. I have witnessed families spending quality time together. I have seen neighbor helping neighbor. And I’ve seen a shitload of funny memes.

We are going through a massive Paradigm shift. The world will be different – and we will be different when we emerge. As we stand on the threshold of great transformations and make our choices, ask yourself what is the motivation behind the choice? Does it come from a place of fear or love?

What I am being shown and have been shown for some time now are two realities overlapping. We are at the point where we can touch both worlds. Our choices are POWERFUL as they shape our future reality! I implore everyone who reads these words to choose love instead of fear every moment you possibly can. Healthy choices save lives.

Health is a frequency. Fear is a frequency. World peace and inner peace are a frequency. Every choice we make sets the trajectory for our future. Let’s choose the best that is possible for ourselves and loved ones. Choose health. Choose good nutrition that supports you. We are co-creating a new world together

We are learning to pivot and focus and strengthen and uphold what is important to us. We are (virtually) surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who are strong in mind and spirit and can help us remember our truth. We are doing this freak show dance together. And we’ve got this!

In light of our current situation, each Monday going forward I will be offering complimentary distance reiki healing and guided meditations to all in need of renewal and restoration during these chaotic times. We will connect on Facebook Mondays at 12pm PST where I will host a FB live event.

During the FB live, I will give healthy lifestyle tips and meditations for reducing stress and will help guide you gently back to your loving center. Take a break and tune in to receive distance reiki healing and participate in a guided meditation to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing. ❤️

Let these moments that we gather virtually beyond the limits of time and space be a sanctuary for our collective healing. ❤️

If this work resonates with you, I encourage you to share it with your network.
May we all be blessed ❤️🙏

❤️ Blessed Be ❤️