Mindset & Meditation Videos

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The world has turned upside down in a short period of time. This radical shift can cause tremendous stress and anxiety. Please take a break to rebalance & refresh with a guided healing meditation 💕 You deserve the time out. ❤️

Mondays at noon PST 💕
Live from my Facebook page😊

Please share and forward to your network as you feel guided – let’s help each other now ❤️

May we all be blessed ❤️🙏

Here’s last week’s meditation, in case you missed it:

The meditation from 4/20/20 focuses on deep integrative healing. This is a meditation I enjoy sharing with others. Prepare to go deeeeep.

Below is the FB Live Meditation from 4/13/20.

Meditation from 4/6/20

Global Healing Meditation from 4/4/20

Meditation from 3/30/20