Shift Into The Gift

freedom, source energy, meditation, reiki, spirituality

“Figuring things out for yourself is the only freedom anyone really has.”
Yeah, it’s a quote from Starship Troopers.
But it’s been stuck in my brain the past few days.
Our freedom to choose. 💪
Our freedom to see things in new ways. 👁
Our freedom to say YES! or NO! 👍👎
Our freedom to say “fuck off” or “that’s your shadow talking”🤬😱
Our freedom to create peace or conflict.💕🙏
Our freedom to forgive and let go.😍
Our freedom to create healthy change.🤩
The freedom to unshackle ourselves and step out from the soul cage of illusion…✨
Delicious freedom.
Delicious free will.
By our own free will, we cultivate our life experiences.
2020 isn’t promising us anything.
The new year doesn’t “owe” us anything.
“Everything is borrowed,” Spirit tells me, “Nothing is permanent.”
The time we have here on Earth – everything is a gift.
Change is the only constant. We know this.
Let’s co-create healthy change. 🙌🏻🤙🤘😍
As multidimensional travelers journeying through time and space, our awareness needs to shift.
What are we creating as a collective?
As individuals?
“Within the question is a key,” my guides say.🗝
“Question everything and you will eventually unlock the secrets of the Universe…”
“Remember, you incarnated here for a reason…”

❤️ Shift into the Gift ❤️


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