You Are A Great Mystery

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I simply HAD to get out into nature today – to clear my head and come back into my center again. It feels so good to exercise now. I cleansed over the weekend and it felt so good to get a little sun 🌞 and connect with the land again after the Thanksgiving holiday.

It’s my favorite time of year here in Southern California . The contrast between shadow and light has a sharp edge. Shade has that crisp winter chill that wakes up your bones. The sunny spots are gloriously juicy to pause in and just soak in the sunlight. The scent of damp earth and sagebrush after a recent rain is HEAVENLY.

I always allow wonder to guide me on my journeys and today my eye 👁 spied white stone after white stone that I would pick up and walk with.

As I walked, I was appreciating how the Universe speaks to me through all my senses. I leaned over to pick up one of the stones, I heard the strong buzzing of a beehive nearby. Upon the hum, I could hear the voices of my ancestors over time and space speaking all at once.

I noticed the hive was at the base of a beautiful oak tree. Of course I did not take a photo because there are some times that are so beautiful you don’t want to interrupt the sacredness of the moment. If I had reached for the phone the distraction may have prevented me from hearing murmurs from the cave of voices ❤️🙏

I also came across the bones of a deer 🦌 carcass I first discovered about 6 months ago. I paused where the trail split into two making a Y intersection.

For me, this is a crossroads space. I was surrounded by Rowan. Rowan is a tree of power, causing life and magic to flower. ⭐️

I tapped into spirit and pulled a tarot card to guide me. It was III the Empress. Preservation, nurturing, mother goddess archetype. Giver, bringer and protector of LIFE. I need to sit with this more.

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I laughed, as an old magical charm ran through my head about standing at the crossroads between life and death and bringing blessings. I opened the well and sang the songs that bridge worlds. 

So many wild visions came through as I sang. We are at a crossroads. The threshold we move across with the next new moon and solar eclipse is going to be a big shift.

I kept seeing a luminous stone of green, but it seemed more liquid than solid as it undulated in my minds eye. At first I thought it was emerald, but then a knowing told me it was moldavite. Good thing I have some. I will work with it more.

As an empath, it’s easy to get lost in the world. Especially with the holiday hustle and bustle. “Know thyself” was engraved over the temple doors at the Oracle of Delphi and that message keeps coming through.

Pretty sure there will be tests along those lines. Are you who you say you are? Are you walking in integrity? Do you even KNOW who you are? Or is the Universe teaching you what you are made of by putting you through ordeals? Is this part of last decades story? Or where you are moving next?

Questions are keys that unlock us. Question everything. Eventually you will see the Great Mystery you are unraveling is You.

Blessed Be! ❤️🙏