You Can’t Stop The Rising Tide: Change Is Here!

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Almost 10 months ago I started helping at a recovery center doing sound healing and facilitating group sessions for people recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. The clientele when I first started compared to the clientele they have now has shifted tremendously! Spirit is pulling in a whole new vibe…

When I started, I encountered many individuals who were deeply rooted in their fear. One lady refused to be in the same room as me. She called me a “devil worshipper” and said I was “doing spells on people”. That was a fun day. lol

Some individuals were curious but were shy. The ‘alpha’ of the group seemed to energetically dominate the room and was somewhat of a ‘bullying’ force that kept the others silent and barely participating. Some needed to mock and make jokes about everything.

Let me just say that people have their demons and boy did I trigger a few! I can see when spiritual forces are influencing a person. I have noticed that sometimes the chemical dependency makes that attachment stronger.

Actually, the chemicals in the drugs weaken one’s spirit, making them easy targets for spirits to influence, manipulate and drain life force energy from.

There was so much fear and resistance and ego I encountered, I literally got to a point where I had a serious conversation with Spirit. I spoke to both the angels up above and the angels in the land. It was a real “let’s get clear about some things” kind of talk.

I know I am meant here to help people, that’s not the question. I’m looking for the path of least resistance. I want to work with people who are ready to embrace change.

I said, “I didn’t come here to fight, I came here to help. Encountering constant resistance is exhausting and a waste of life force energy. If butting heads constantly is the name of the game, I’ll get another stream of revenue, I’ll walk away.”

And yes, there may have been a few F-bombs sprinkled in.

Literally the next week there was a shift. Like-minded souls started coming in. They were interested in astrology and crystals and essential oils. Some were magical. The ratio of like-minded individuals to fearful and resistant changed to favor the positive. It was easy to channel guidance for the meditations.

I get different people rotating in and out like waves of the ocean washing upon the shoreline. My only consistency I have is the new arrivals. Every week I go in expecting the unexpected. They all have different reasons for being there and are all there for different amounts of time.

Perhaps it is in my non-attachment that good things are able to flow into my experience.

life force energy, reikiToday we had a Reiki practitioner and pranic healer in our group! All attendees had meditated in the past but had stopped meditating in recent months/years when they were doing drugs. All were curious to explore their deeper aspects. They embraced working with and healing wounds connected to their ancestors.

Like holy shit, you guys! The difference is night and day! I feel like I am pulling these beings into my experience because they are ready. I feel this is all connected to a larger global experience. The brave hearts embrace change. It’s sacred to witness.

The earth warriors and hope bringers are healing themselves. They are gathering and there is a force that is rising, a wave….no a tide that no one can stop. We can feel the momentum building. For those stuck in fear and resistance this will terrify, for others, it will liberate.

We are being called to step into our power and I am celebrating all the ones who say YES to LIFE. And LOVE – and LOVING as a WAY OF LIFE.

Several years ago I attended a new moon healing circle and a woman facilitated some timeline work for us. In the meditation we went forward in time to witness our own memorial service. Yeah, it was a deep one.

I didn’t recognize anyone in the vision. But there were many many people present. The room was FULL. Younger individuals were there…the next generation. And they were all speaking of me and honoring me for starting a foundation of some kind. They told stories about how the Foundation saved their life..

And last weekend, while attending Global Celebration in Nashville, I realized that in this past year with my nutritional wellness business, I have opened up a path for that vision to be made manifest!

And now as I type these words I am realizing that not only is it going to happen, but these individuals I am attracting into my field at this time are all a part of the greater movement that is happening now.

In my visions there is a web, an earth grid, that is vibrant green I can see and pull to different places through the language of light song prayer that I sing. The song is not my own but a stream of consciousness that flows through me – a gift from the shining ones in the land.

I see this net or web linking us from place to place, supporting us in the upholding of Earth’s vision. It’s in alignment with health and wellness and nature and creation and all the seasons and mysteries of life and death.

Something big is coming into fruition. I see the grid filling in. Connections are being made. I’m seeing changes in my community and in my world that are revealing this shift and alignment that we were born to experience and uphold – together.

We are claiming our birthright and stepping into our power. We are remembering why we came here. It’s all so clear in this moment and I’m so grateful to be a part of it all.

And Blessed BE.

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