Magical Creatures: Frog Totem

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Even though my wellness business is growing and I am busier than ever, I still make time each day to give back to my Self. After all, you can’t give from an empty cup.
That being said, I have noticed that it takes less time to ‘fill my cup’ lately. I’m feeling aligned more consistently and for longer periods of time. I feel stronger in body, mind and spirit. My focus is clear. The things that used to distract me throughout the day no longer have any power.
I am loving the balance I’ve found between structure and flow. It is inspired living, directed by divine guidance from my Council of Elders. To be clear, my Council is a collective consciousness of non-physical beings who guide, guard and protect me on this Earth Walk. As I walk in alignment, things are lining up all on their own. Small synchronicities are happening. When it’s right, it’s easy…
This is how I know when I’m in the ‘zone’ or ‘sweet spot’. My main job now is staying open and keeping the momentum going. Staying in the FLOW.
Today at the creek, I played my singing bowl and sang the language of light. As I toned a bridge of light between the realms, I was visited by a tiny frog – and if you look close enough in the photo, you can see him!
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The moon is currently in the watery sign of Cancer and is waning and shrinking until Wednesday the 31st when she is renewed, joining the sun in the sign of Leo and marking the beginning of the next lunar cycle. It seems that frog is an excellent totem to guide us across this threshold.
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From Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews
Keynote: Transformation through Water and Sound
The frog is our most recognizable amphibian. Though often confused with toads, there is a distinct difference. Frogs are associated with water, while toads are always found on dry land. Frogs have a smooth surface, and toads have a bumpy skin surface. Toads also have glands (paranoid) on the side of the head which make a thick mucous that is poisonous. Frogs do not.
Frogs have an ancient mythology about them. Being amphibians with links to the water and the land, they are often associated with the magic of both elements. This also links them to the lore of fairies and elves. Many shamanic societies – especially North and South American – link the frog with rain and control of the weather. Its voice is said to call for the the rains.
Because of its conation to water, it is also linked to lunar energies (the moon moves the tide of waters upon the planet) and those goddesses associated whit eh moon. The frog was an animal attributed to the Egyptian goddess Herit, who assisted Isis in her ritual for resurrecting Osiris.
money, frog, abundance, fertilityFrogs have known to be heralds of abundance and fertility, especially since in their polliwog stage they resemble the male spermatozoa. The sis also due to the fact that after rains, a greater number of frogs come up to dry land and feed on insects and worms who have come out of the rain soaked land. It is also associated with fertility, for rain makes things grow.
Even as adults, frogs remain semi-aquatic. They live in damp areas. They need water and all that is associated with it symbolically or otherwise. If frog has hopped into your life, you may need to get in touch with the water element. It may reflect that there are new rains coming or that you need to call some new rains forth. Maybe the old waters are becoming dirty and stagnant. Frog can teach you how to clean them up.
Emotions are often associated with water. Individuals with frog totems are very sensitive to the emotional states of others, and seem to know instinctively how to act and what to say. they know how to be sincerely sympathetic.
Frog holds the knowledge of weather and how to control it. Frog medicine can bring rains for every purpose – to cleanse, to heal, to help things grow, to flood, to stir. Its energies can be used to bring light showers or downpours for most any purpose.
The call of the frog is the call of the waters. The spring and summer are the times when frog’s voice is strongest. these are its power times. Its call serves a variety of functions. It calls mates to it. It also serves as a release call for non-receptive females. It defines its territory and it warns of predators.
The frog is a totem of metamorphosis. It is a symbol of coming into one’s own creative power. it changes from an egg, to a polliwog, to a frog. Even after it becomes a frog, it lives close to and spends much time in the water. It always has contact with the creative force out of which it came. Usually frog people have strong ties to their own mothers.
This connection to water should also serve as a reminder to those with this totem. Are you becoming too mundane? Are you becoming mired in the mud of your day-to-day life? Are you needing to dive into some fresh creative water? Are those around you? Are you feeling waterlogged, becoming bogged down, or drowning in emotions?
Frogs are tuned keenly to sound. Over each ear canal is a round membrane, a tympanic organ – which enables them to recognize and respond to certain sounds and their locations.Science has known for a long time that water is one of the best conductors of sound. This sensitivity to sound should be developed by frog people. Their taste in music will probably not run mainstream, but they can learn to use their voice to stir the emotions and to call for the rains or change the climatic conditions of their own life.