How You Feel Is Important

awakened empath healer reiki master teacher

W E L L N E S S 🐢 W E D N E S D A Y

I care about the way I feel. 💕

When I feel good, I am a better partner, friend, healer and leader. I have the mental clarity, energy and inner sense of peace to help make this world a better place through my work.

As an awakened empath and highly sensitive person, my feelings and sensory perceptions are strong guiding forces in relation to the world of energy. It’s also easy to get overwhelmed and feel anxious if I am not in alignment.

As the frequency of our planet shifts and changes, we are discovering that we also need to level up – because what worked in the past isn’t working anymore. 🙁

I had to dig deeper into my being and my practice. I have had to make repairs and get clear on exactly who and what I want in my life. I had to learn lessons about upholding healthy boundaries. My spiritual “blindspots” were revealed and I was called to witch up!

And I learned a lot about forgiveness. ❤️

IMG_1738I went through a period of time of what I refer to as ‘spiritual strength training’. And even though it was hard, I am grateful for all of it. It has strengthened my reason for being here now. ❤️

As an empath, it is easy to lose yourself. You must carve out time for self-care. You must put yourself first and fill your cup before you can be in Service to others.

And for the record, It is my opinion that we are all empaths in varying degrees. Some are awakened and tuned in, but most who follow the consensus mindset are unaware.

Magical mindset work has helped me stay centered and mentally clear. Spending time in nature and my spiritual work kept me in a really good place for a long time.

But it didn’t matter how much self work I had done. 4 years ago when my father passed, my emotions and grief took over and my world crashed down around me. It felt like I was stuck in the underworld. I had my “dark night” of the soul.

It took focus, determination and drive to keep moving forward each day. I meditated. I moved my body and got out into nature more. I claimed my power and my joy each day.

live your best life worthy self worth manifestation abundanceI knew that I was the only one that was going to pull me out of my “rut”. Self-love was my medicine. The transformation had to start with me. I had to claim it for myself. I had to step into my power. ❤️

I isolated myself for a while. When I was ready, I looked up and suddenly noticed the hands of my soul tribe reaching back to help. I am so grateful for those beautiful beings! ❤️

Mentally, spiritually, and emotionally I healed – but my nervous system and physical body needed additional support as the Earth’s frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance continued to spike. I needed a way to release toxins from my body, support my nervous and endocrine systems and get stronger so I could do what I came here to do as an agent of change in this world. I was being spiritually called to make a change.

Back in 2017 the Schumann Resonance spiked for the first time in recorded history from 7.83Hz to over 36Hz. According to neuroscience, frequency recordings of 36+ Hz in the human brain are more associated with a stressed nervous system than a relaxed and healthy one.

In recent weeks and months, we have had spikes in the Earth’s frequency well-over 85Hz lasting hours at a time. This has a huge impact on how we feel, our health and overall wellbeing!

Today the Schumann Resonance surged to 48Hz AND we had a geomagnetic storm caused by a stream of solar wind hitting the Earth’s atmosphere. I know many weren’t feeling too great this morning when they woke up. I had trouble sleeping last night and woke up with a headache, but after some adaptogens, water with electrolytes and a healthy nutritional shake for breakfast, the headache was gone.

I realize now how certain foods – especially processed foods with chemicals in them as well as wheat, gluten & sugar can affect our mood and feeds depression and anxiety. I needed something different to help me get to where I needed to go next.

Spirit kept telling me to “expand my reach” and make my body stronger but when I worked out, my knees and feet ached. So I asked for help opened up myself to receive while on spiritual pilgrimage to Mt Shasta and LITERALLY the day after I got home…nutritional cleansing showed up in my life. ❤️

weight loss nutritional cleansing self love fatTomorrow is my nutritional cleansing anniversary, marking one full cycle of the sun that I have walked this healthy path. It’s also been a year since I launched my website ❤️ So much has changed this past year!

Before I started this nutritional system I was hungry all the time. Even though I was eating healthy whole foods, I didn’t have a sustainable way of detoxifying my body, releasing inflammation or supporting my endocrine & nervous system as I raised my frequency higher.

My body just wasn’t getting the fuel and nutritional support it needed to thrive.

I realize now the “hunger” I always felt in the past had so do with my body craving nutrients it was not getting! Nutritional cleansing has helped bring a physical component to my wellness regime that was lacking before. It has helped this sensitive soul release toxins, stay strong and be a warrior for peace & healing in a world full of chaos.

Today I am spending the day in gratitude 🙏 at the creek, honoring all of it and just being in the FLOW.

creek water magic stones crystalsEver notice how when you pinch the nozzle on the hose the pressure of the water spray gets intense? When we get tense 😬 or are fixated on the active Go Go Go! energy of this world, we are not receptive and eventually we pinch ourselves off from the stream of goodness that flows through our lives. Call it Source, Reiki, life force, abundance, wellness, inspiration, etc.

Spirit says we feel like we are being squeezed through the eye of the needle because we are operating from a limited mental construct. Widen the net. Open up. Allow. As my spiritual teacher Orion Foxwood would say, “let it arrive”. ❤️

I’m so excited for what the next year will bring! ❤️

Thank you for tuning in with me and for being a part of my journey. ❤️

May we all be blessed🙏❤️


I am aligned in mind, body, and soul.

Three within one, I am healed and whole.

I’m opening up, I’m filling my cup

and step into my Sacred Role.