Living In Alignment

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When you pass the shade tree on the trail where you used to stop because you would be out of breath and sweaty – and you realize you don’t need to stop and that you’re barely winded.

When your wonder woman T-shirt that used to be super tight is now super loose. When you start seeing several number sequences throughout the day, like 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 and so on – magical things are happening in your life.
number sequences 11:11 miracles
When good omens surround you – seeing a mama duck and 10 ducklings at the creek; spying a hive of honeybees in the roots of a sacred oak tree; when hummingbirds hover in front of your face as you play the dulcimer and sing – you are in alignment.

When the old ways of seeing yourself as not good enough and broken start to fade away like an old distant memory; when you see beauty around you everywhere; when your life starts to open up and blossom like a rose – that’s when you know you’re in alignment.

When the humming of the bees among the flowers and the trees speak the voices of your ancestors over time and space; when your friends are succeeding and you’re wholeheartedly celebrating their success; when you are in service to the betterment of others and the world around you – you are in alignment.

law of attraction loaWhen you make a game out of noticing all of the beautiful things that are coming your way; when the game is fun and you are enjoying your desires as they come into fruition – you are in alignment.

When the aliveness of the world speaks to you through all your senses; when all your relationships and most importantly, your relationship to your Self has changed for the better – you know you’re living in alignment.

And when life gets hard – soothe yourself back into your loving center. Soothe yourself back into alignment.

May we all be blessed. ❤️

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