Transformation Update!

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🔥I just wrapped up my 3rd Isabody challenge and the transformation that has been taking place is not just physical.🔥

My whole life is shape-shifting. Going through life changes can be stressful! 😬

With relationship and financial changes happening, I found myself in a quagmire of panic and terror from time to time. 😩 It was all I could do to pull myself out of it and keep moving forward! 💪💪💪

I learned first-hand how stress can slow down my progress and I know now without a doubt that I can’t afford to go into certain energies anymore. ⚔️💥

At the end of March, I took trip with some friends and enjoyed a “carbcation” if you will. As a result, I gained 8 lbs over 5 days and those choices impacted my progress, as it took a few weeks to lose the weight again. But I did it! ❤️

And I don’t feel guilty about any of my choices. 😁

This has all been learning experience as I reframe my relationship to life and the food I put in my body. ❤️There were many times I wanted to binge eat because of the incredible stress I was going through, but I decided that I am not feeding those negative emotions anymore.💥💪future self healthy choices healing food addiction weight loss

I am tremendously grateful for having a reliable system that WORKS to help me get back into balance. I am also grateful for the undeniable financial shift 💰 that has taken place by sharing what has worked so well for me with others. 🙏❤️

I am approaching my year anniversary of walking this nutritional cleansing path and I have helped dozens of people reclaim their overall health with this simple system. 🦋

My journey is far from over and I look forward to celebrating positive transformations with many more beautiful souls in the future!!! 💕

Contact Jewels if you are ready for a change and want to find out how nutritional cleansing can help you!