Believe In Yourself

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There was a point in my own journey where I had poured so much energy into other people that there was nothing left for me.

My father had recently passed. Relationships and friendships that had once been fulfilling suddenly turned toxic. I was depressed and felt incredibly isolated and alone.

I was Indeed going through my own “dark night” of the soul.

I can be incredibly stubborn, but I am so grateful I listened to Spirit when I did.

“Pour belief into yourself,” my guides told me.belief mindset focus self love healing law of attraction loa

“The struggles you have endured have made you strong. In your isolation, you learned there are some things in life that only you can give to yourself. You are the Creator of your life. It all begins with you.”

So each morning I poured belief back into myself. I chanted mantras and recited positive affirmations that helped me “fill my cup” and allowed me to claim the best of each day. I said loving things to myself and congratulated myself often.

Don’t wait around for someone else to tell you that you are beautiful and gifted and amazing. Pour belief into yourself and know that you are worthy NOW. Just as you are. Without makeup, with messy hair, with wrinkles and stretch marks.

Pour that unconditional love and acceptance into you every day as if it was food to nourish your soul. Don’t wait for anyone else to give you this gift. Give it to yourself today.

We all deserve to live our best life.

❤️ Blessed Be ❤️

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