Unburden Your Pain

release pain end suffering let go

I’ve been reading about the rising suicide rates lately and it’s concerning to say the least.

As a sensitive soul, I can feel when others are suffering and it is what motivates me in my work as a healer and co-creator of change in this world.

We can experience pain at every level of our being – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. When this photo at the top of this page was taken, I was rising up fromĀ the depths of my own shamanic death.

My father had recently passed and the grief shook me to the very foundations of my being. I had to climb up and out of the underworld and reclaim my self and my path of purpose each and every day. If I didn’t, the grief would have consumed me from within.

Grief and depression can be like a harsh winter that falls upon our lives. We carry these burdens in silence and over time they can devour us, if we allow them to.

Eventually there will be a time when we are called to make a change and rise up again out of the shadows. I pray that we all hear the call when that time comes.
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The pain we carry comes with a heavy cost. We owe it to ourselves to unburden ourselves. We deserve to heal and thrive. Only we can choose to give ourselves this gift.

We are detangling ourselves from thousands of years of programming. We are releasing the ties that bind. We are upgrading our DNA. We are raising our frequency higher as we co-create the new paradigm together.

Reach out if you would like energetic support with a Shamanic Reiki Healing session or Sonic Healing session. It’s an honor to be in Service to your Spirit.

Blessed BeĀ