Weight Wellness Update!

weightloss diet before and after transformation

I post these photos to keep myself motivated and on track with my healthy lifestyle ❤️

It’s strange to think that until just a few months ago I didn’t feel “at home” in my own skin. 

It’s a new feeling for me to feel GOOD as I move my body hiking on the trails.

I remember how much effort it took to take a single step. I remember the aches and pains I felt every day.

Carrying an extra 70 lbs on your body will do that.

Now when I travel and lift the heavy suitcases into the trunk of the car it’s a reality check because I used to carry MORE than that weight on my frame every step – every single day.

knees joint repair torn meniscusDid you know that for every pound you release, it takes FOUR pounds of pressure off your knees and joints? 😮

I am so grateful for the changes i have made and the changes I am helping others make with nutritional cleansing.

Last week I welcomed two more beloved sisters to walk this path with me and I have already helped dozens others increase their vitality, improve sleep, lose weight, get better results from their workouts and reboot their body with this amazing system.

Are you ready?

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