Singing Kotodama Blessings

language of light, sound healing, singing, songstress, blessings, kotodama

Kotodama means “word spirit” and refers to the inherent energy within words and the sounds we utter. It is said that the entire Universe was created by sound. In this video I am singing the Reiki symbols and weaving sonic blessings into the space around me…

When I sing, I instantly go into trance. Visions stream through my mind’s eye and I remember other lifetimes when I worked with sound to create peace and restore a healthy balance….or awaken spiritual power.

As I sing, I sense myself moving beyond the limits of time and space. I ‘pull’ energy from other dimensions and realms through my body and energetically weave beauty, love and light into the place where I physically stand.

Brightest Blessings to All as we co-create and weave the new paradigm together.

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