Reiki is Love

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The earth is shifting in frequency and so are WE. As a result, you may be feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or perhaps you are facing resistance in regards to your own resolutions.

Be patient with yourself as you move through intense energy waves. You will be triggered. Expect it. We grow as we move through paradoxes. How you choose to move through your triggers and resistance on a daily basis is key in your ability to succeed in cultivating the life you desire.

As you raise your vibration, you will be called to step into a new way of being in this world. And as you do, unconscious aspects of you will begin to dance and awaken from your inner depths.

Old programs and limiting thought forms may arise. Know that you are not your thoughts. Know that you are not your emotions. When you become aware of the illusion at play in your life, detach from it. Take a deep breath and let it GO.

Be aware that the ego resists change and prefers a comfortable known hell to an unknown heaven. The ego associates all change with ‘death’. Change can be terrifying to the ego. You may need to remind your little self as you move through your personal paradoxes that you ARE SAFE.reiki training, reiki sessions

Resistance may arise in the form of negative thought forms, self-sabotage, or a struggle with addictions. It may arise in the form of distraction. What distracts you from your goals? What distracts you from your soul’s purpose?

The ability to continue moving forward despite triggers and resistance is key to your success. Remember, the Universe only gives us what we can handle. You’ve got this.

I give myself Reiki in the mornings to provide the energetic support I need to accomplish my goals and be in Service to others. It helps me stay motivated and centered as I move through a chaotic world.

Beginning with the breath, nourish yourself with Love and Grace. It will help provide you with support as you move through change. Feel this energy healing you and allow it to serve as a foundation for your growth.

Slow down and allow this energy to flow to the deepest places within you.

As I breathe the essence of these words through my body, I sense myself as a flower coming into bloom. On the inhale, I draw LOVE up through the soles of my feet and fill myself with this healing essence. I pause at the top of the breath to feel the fullness. On the exhale, I am a flower blooming. My colorful petals unfold with grace and ease.

A daily practice resets your intention backed by the power of the rising sun. Upon waking, claim the power of the day meditating on a power thought or affirmation that supports your daily goals.

You may wish to work with the Reiki Precepts as a way to ground you in your intentions each day.

Just for today:

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be grateful

Work Hard

Be compassionate towards yourself and others

Your daily practice doesn’t need to be complicated or take a long time. But it should be a consistent, as that will help you create new patterns and habits. It will reinforce the work you are doing and will help you achieve the outcome you desire.

And of course, if you need assistance, I am always available to be in Service with a Shamanic Reiki Session.

Blessed Be.