Enhancing Life Force Energy With Distance Reiki

life force energy, full moon, equinox

Happy Equinox and Full Moon in Aries! Join us for some Distance Reiki to enhance your Life Force energy. Learn how you can raise your vibration and maintain a balance during intense energy shifts.

Geomagnetic storms, planetary alignments and seasonal shifts are creating chaos in our lives. The eclipses this summer stirred us in the deepest places and now we are rebirthing ourselves in new ways. Consequently, the call to cultivate inner balance is stronger than ever.

Reiki energy is the living intelligence of ALL life. We can work with it to raise our vibration, enhance our wellbeing, bring about a sense of peace and cultivate a deeper connection to Source. In addition, we can work with Reiki to sharpen our intuitive skills.

A special gift for you – a free music download of the Ho’Oponopono Prayer to heal our relationships.  For tips on how to enhance the life force in your food, click here

Jewels Aradia is a Reiki Master Teacher and Priestess in the Los Angeles area. She offers guidance to those who are seeking clarity in their life with Chakra Readings and divination with Tarot. In addition to energetic support with Reiki, Jewels also offers coaching for optimal physical wellbeing with nutritional cleansing. If you are curious to see if nutritional cleansing is a good fit for you, please email Jewels to schedule a free consultation.

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