Oak Tree Enchantments

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A Magical Adventure In Nature

What a beautiful day I had today.
I took a different path and let spirit guide the way.
I climbed uphill to the top of a mountain I had never visited before.

My legs feel stronger than they have in…years maybe?
I don’t have that sluggish ‘heavy’ feeling anymore.

I felt light, even though I was carrying about 30 lbs of water
and other sacred items in my backpack.
Let’s be honest. About 5-10 lbs. of it were rocks and healing crystals. #witchproblems

As I walked uphill, I was surrounded by sagebrush, but no trees.
The sky was clear but the Southern California sun was unrelenting.

Each time I reached a crossroads,
I picked up a broken stick from the trail and asked it to point the way towards shade.

Spirit, Guide My Way

I was guided to a lonely oak tree holding space on top of the oak treemountain.

What gratitude I had as I approached her. I cried in joy, praised her green leafy beauty and took comfort in her shade for hours.

I did my sacred work and offered her water.
Singing to my new tree friend, I opened the faery well.
I made my offerings and danced with the wind
as spirit sang through me.

Hidden In The Branches

lucky horseshoe, hikeAs I lifted my gaze to the upper branches of the tree, I was surprised to discover a special gift! A lucky horseshoe was hanging among the branches of this enchanting oak tree. I wondered how many years the tree had grown with the horseshoe hanging in such a way. I squealed with delight, “Magic is afoot! Magic is a horse I ride…”

As I reflect, I’m adding drops of lavender to the oil diffuser.
I filled the water reservoir with reiki-infused water. I added drops of sacred world waters that I have gathered from holy places as a result of my spiritual travels.

Holy water becomes holy mist infused with plant spirit medicine. Mmmmmm….

It surrounds me and fills my lungs with healing as I breathe the healing essence. The spirit in me re-members. I am ready.

I am so grateful.
Thank you.

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