Light in the Darkness

A Journey Into the Under Realms

“If you bring the light to us, we will take the dark from you,” I heard the ethereal voices sing.

This wasn’t the first time, either. Since the full moon, I have been hearing echoes of a sing-song tune fading in and out of my conscious mind.

“If you bring the light to us, we will take the dark from you,” the voices sang again.

Taking this as a sign,  I decided to connect with Spirit.

I went into my sacred space and settled into the stillness of Being. As I moved through my practices and processes, I arrived at the great crossroads of magic.

At the center of this magical place, the earth spiraled open, revealing a golden staircase that descended deep into the earth. The melody grew louder as the portal opened.

Golden torch light emanated up from beneath and below as a being ascended the staircase.

I smiled, recognizing my dearly departed friend and druid, Ivan MacBeth. He often appears as a way-shower to me while doing deeper vision work.

We danced a dragon dance together, just as we had while adventuring through stone circles in Wales. When the movements were complete, he asked me if I was ready to go on a journey with him.

I agreed. Before our descent, I was guided to consciously collect light from the sun and stars, placing it into a ‘container’. This vessel resembled a large golden vase approximately 3 feet in height. When it was filled to capacity, we descended down the golden staircase.

Into the Depths

We walked through darkness for a long while, navigating between narrow rocky cave passages. I wondered where we were headed, since this was different from our usual journeys together. And then I realized.

Light in the Darkness Carreg Cennen Cerridwen's Cauldron Sacred WellHe was taking me deep into the earth to Cerridwen’s Cauldron, beneath the castle of Carreg Cennan in Wales. We journeyed to the deepest part, where the remains of two priestesses had been discovered dating back 30,000 years..

As we reached the depths, Ivan extinguished his torch flame. There was a subtle glow emanating from the sacred vessel I filled with light, which was my offering to the beings of this place.

I exhaled, releasing all tension from my body.

“Be very still,” he instructed me.

I felt pulsations of energy arise within me. I could feel muscles twitching in my calves and then I felt a rather curious sensation in my left eye.

“Don’t move,” Ivan said.

I really wanted to itch my eye, but I could feel the presence of ‘other’ drawing near. I remained in reverence, completely still.

An essence seemed to coalesce around us. The atmosphere shifted slightly and I visioned ‘strands’ of smoke-like energy forming into a larger being. It felt feminine, it felt ANCIENT. Similar to a spider, it felt like… the Weaver.

Perhaps this was the essence of the goddess Cerridwen Herself? Perhaps it was that of a Faery Queen. All I knew was that I was in the presence of great power.

In Silence & Stillness

The ancient being drew very close. I could sense her looking THROUGH me, scanning every inch of my being. Her face appeared somewhat insectile, yet seemed to dissipate into smoke each time she moved.

She then reached into my left eye with her pointy fingers and plucked out something black that resembled a short nail. The mysterious itching I had felt moments before wyrdly stopped!

She plucked one or two more black ‘splinters’ of energy from my body. One from my liver, another from somewhere along the lower left side of my abdomen.

“Remain still,” Ivan whispered.

I felt her essence reaching into my own, as if seeking something. I saw a fine lattice of dark threads interwoven throughout my body. There was a momentary pause and then with a single sweeping gesture, she removed the darkness.

Suddenly, I felt lighter, as if some kind of non-corporeal weight had been lifted.

She silently nodded and turned her attention away from me. Taking the golden vessel full of light, she then disappeared into the surrounding rocks.

It was done.

The Ascent

Ivan illuminated his torch flame once again and the cave filled with light. He suggested we return without hesitation to the surface world, as our work was done here. I thanked him for his assistance and he seemed to brush it off, like it was no big deal.

He reminded me all that matters is that I am listening and doing the sacred work as I have been called to do.

Before departing, Ivan turned towards me and placed his hand over my heart. My heart seemed to glow with his touch.

He then offered me this sage advice, “You are now different from who you once were. You have changed from this experience. Honor the change within you, as it is sacred and holy. Remember that you never walk alone. You have many friends and allies that support you in your work, both seen and unseen.”

Thank you, dear friend.

Blessed Be.

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