Intention Setting With Reiki On The New Moon & Solar Eclipse In Leo

This New Moon & Solar Eclipse are in the sign of Leo! Let’s do some Intention Setting infused with Reiki energy as we move forward into the next Lunar cycle.

We stand upon another threshold of powerful transformation as the Sun aligns with the Moon in the warm-hearted sign of Leo.

This planetary conjunction not only marks the beginning of a new Lunar cycle, there will also be a partial solar eclipse at 2:58AM PST on Saturday, August 11, 2018.

This solar eclipse provides a potent opportunity for us to break free from old systems, unhealthy patterns, and outmoded ways of being in this world.

Spirit is guiding me to facilitate this Reiki-infused intention setting ceremony as a way for us to come together and hold space for not only personal transformation, but global change.

The intentions we set will be three-fold in nature, meaning the first wish begins with you, the second wish is for a loved one or someone else in need, and the third wish is for us to come together and actualize world peace.

Let us plant seeds of beauty, love, peace, and healing power together. Grab your favorite manifestation stones, light a white candle, burn some incense and let’s DO THIS!

Blessed Be!

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