Time-Space Anomaly

transcending time & space

Wyrd Things Happen In My World

I had a rather odd time-space anomaly which transpired on the new moon in April 2018 and I feel drawn to share the story with others. It was early in the afternoon and I was writing in my journal, waiting for my next reiki client to arrive.

Words arrived in the form of poetic verse. I scrawled quickly upon the page, as if to “catch” the spirit messages as they floated through my conscious mind. Midway through rhyme, I received a text.

“I’m here.”

I got up and looked out the front door, but saw no one standing outside. I went back to my writing, thinking that my client was probably parking her car. A few minutes passed and I didn’t hear a knock, so I got up and looked out the front door again. Still No one. I texted her back.

“You are?”

Words of wisdom arrived in a flurry, seemingly from another place. I had never had so much rhyme come through so quickly – and without effort. Four pages were filled within minutes in my notebook. I got her response the moment I put down my pencil.


I stood up and walked over to the door a third time and looked outside. Still, I saw NO ONE standing upon my doorstep.

“What the heck?” I mumbled to myself as I stepped outside and get a better look.

As the screen door swung open, my client PHASED IN. As in, she literally appeared to materialize before my eyes. I thought, “Holy shit! Was she just in another dimension?
…or was I?????!!!”

Each person experiences and engages with the world of energy differently than the next. Recent memes on social media (hearing Laurel vs. Yanny, etc) have revealed how seemingly obvious and ordinary things are experienced quite differently from person to person.

Time is Illusion

Our perceptions of ‘reality’ also change and evolve as we do. Time becomes more fluid and seems to bend and warp. Hours can pass by in what seems like just a few moments. My own experiences with the spiritual realms have made my life more like a science fiction movie lately.

I am excited to see what happens next!

Curious about the poetic verse that came through? Listen to the audio recording below…


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